What We Know About Star Wars Episode VII

What We Know About Star Wars Episode VII

Ever since Disney purchased LucasFilm using spare change they found jammed between couch cushions, speculation has been running wild about Star Wars Episode VII. The new head of LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy, has resisted the temptation to clue the public in to the general sotryline or plot of the new Star Wars movie, which has left many wondering what do we really know about Star Wars Episode VII?

Even though we don’t have as many details as some of us would like (finger pointed at self), we actually know more about Star Wars Episode VII than you might think. Let’s take a look at what we know and what we think we know.

Star Wars Episode VII Facts

  • Star Wars Episode VII will be directed by J.J. Abrams.
  • Episode VII will be an original story, and will take place roughly 30 years after Return of the Jedi
  • George Lucas will serve as a creative consultant but not be directly involved in the production of the film.
  • Michael Arndt has already begun writing Star Wars Episode VII
  • Bryan Burke (Abrams’ Producer) says filming should begin in early 2014.
  • Star Wars Episode VII will be shot and produced in the United Kingdom.
  • Mark Hamill has had one creative meeting with Kathleen Kennedy and confirms Carrie Fisher is 100% in and has heard that Harrison Ford is on board.
  • J.J. Abrams confirmed that John Williams will return to score Episode VII
  • Unlike other Star Wars movies or J.J. Abrams helmed films, Kathleen Kennedy says the production of Episode VII won’t be shrouded in secrecy.
  • Look for Star Wars Episode VII to hit theaters sometime in 2015

Star Wars Episode VII Speculation

  • Some or all of the filming of EPVII may take place in Scotland. (now confirmed)
  • ILM is looking to setup a production facility in London to produce the visual effects for the movie. (now confirmed)
  • Mark Hamill says that he and Kathleen Kennedy agree that if EPVII is to be a visual success, there needs to be a better balance between CGI and practical effects.
  • In Episode VII, expect Luke, Han & Leia to function in roles similar to that of Obi-Wan in Episode IV.
  • Harrison Ford believed that Han Solo should’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice to save the the Rebellion in Return of the Jedi. Lucas emphatically shot the idea down. Expect Han to receive his death wish in Episode VII.
  • Although it hasn’t been confirmed, how could we have a new Star Wars Trilogy without R2-D2 and C3PO to be the one constant running through all nine films?

There you go folks, a fairly detailed look at what we know about Star Wars Episode VII as of this posting. As time moves on and we receive new information, we’ll keep you posted right here on The Star Wars Blog.

Did I miss anything or is there a particular part about EPVII that has you most excited? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks!



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